How Businesses are Using ‘As Seen On’ Social Proof to Shorten Sales Cycles and Scale Their Business

When businesses come to us to get featured on major news sites such as NBC, CBS, FOX, and USA Today, we often find they have one major flaw:

A lack of credibility.

It’s the reason why so many businesses suffer ridiculously long sales cycles.

And why do they wait weeks, or even months to acquire customers, instead of only days?

up to 48% conversions

Failing to close sales quickly is the reason why so many businesses don’t make it past the first few years.

A lack of immediate cash flow kills their momentum.

And scaling becomes impossible.

Many people in this situation decide to take action when they google their own business.

And find… nothing.

male browsing at his mobile

No reviews, no media presence, no reason to trust them at all.

Which is when the penny drops.

This. Is. Why. It’s. So. Hard. To. Sell.

Now, even though some so-called experts say that it’s “normal” for startups to struggle this way, we’ve pinpointed the action every successful business takes to shorten sales cycles.

And get “taken more seriously” by prospects:

They start to think like the people they’re trying to sell to.

And see their business through their customers’ eyes.

Which is when it becomes clear.

They need social proof from sources their prospects TRUST.

Similar to the way ‘big brands’ use celebrity endorsements to increase sales volume, fast-selling small businesses leverage the power of Media Companies like NBC, FOX, and CBS.

By getting PUBLISHED on them for a strong “credibility boost”.

And placing ‘As Seen On’ logos on their website and marketing materials.

Regardless of their ‘status’ or ‘years in the market’, this single step gives businesses an edge over their competition.

Something that helps people see them as trustworthy, reliable, and a ‘safe bet’.

Which turns those ‘lagging leads’ into ‘quick conversions’.

quick conversions

We typically see our customers gain an immediate 13% to 48% jump in conversions thanks to a process that is ‘simple’ if you know what these major news sites want… and NEED.

Because for most people, getting published on these media giants is difficult.

And time-consuming.

But, thankfully, we’re experts at this.

We’ve published thousands of articles for businesses in every legitimate market.

Using our unique ‘Two Touch’ Process, where we do all the heavy lifting:

  1. You send us some basic info about your business (Touch #1)
  2. We write an article that showcases your business
  3. We send you a draft of your article
  4. You approve (Touch #2)
  5. We publish it to our network of over 100 authority news sites

The result?

You get to cite ‘As Seen On’

GUARANTEED publishing to official NBC, FOX, CBS affiliates

PDF with 100+ live URLs of your published article

MASSIVE social proof

Fast & easy boost to your conversion rate

This ‘made-simple-for-you’ process means our clients get the results they want, with minimum effort.

And unlike PR companies that typically charge upwards of 5k per month, Brand Featured is a ‘pay-once-only’ service with a PERMANENT Conversions Boost.

A Few Quotes from Our Customers

“I’m getting over 60% more conversions now I’m able to say, ’As Featured On NBC, CBS, Fox, and USA Today’…” 

trevor justice

Trevor Justice, Attract Love and Respect

“Once I was able to put those As Seen On logos on my website, my conversions increased.” 

romeo pott

Romeo Pott, Accretion Digital

“As soon as somebody hits our website, we’re automatically seen as an authority in our niche.” 

david sinclair black

David Sinclair-Black, Sinclair Media Group

How We Get Our Clients Published 

Our highly experienced writers create tailor-made articles for each of our clients.

And thanks to our relationship with hundreds of media outlets, we know exactly how to get them guaranteed, verifiable publishing.

How this Helps Businesses Increase their Sales

As soon as their article is published on over 100 authority news sites across our network, our customers can proudly display ‘As Seen On’ logos on their website and marketing materials.

as seen on fox news, nbc

How do I Know Where My Article has been Published?

Each of our clients receives a PDF report containing all the links to their article on various authority news sites

Some of these websites get over 10 million visitors per month. This makes getting published on our network a great way to earn massive trust with your customers.

Pay Once, “As Seen On” Forever

After publishing, our clients can proudly publicise having been featured on major news outlets.

And sleep better at night knowing they have shorter sales cycles because they are being “taken more seriously” by prospects and increasing conversions up to 48%.

To get your business ‘As Seen On’ NBC, FOX, CBS and 100+ Media Sites, go here:

Build trust and credibility

Boost your website’s conversion rate by adding “As Seen On NBC, FOX, CBS” & 100+ Sites” to your website.”

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