Did You Know the Average Visitor Only Reads 20% of a Web Page?

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Getting traffic from press releases is one sure way to reach a massive online community. With the rise of social media and the Internet, online presence became a big deal for brands, especially for small business owners.

Regardless of your choice of online platform, being a brand that consistently posts on their website or in their social media accounts will greatly help your company build a voice in the crowded digital space.

The truth about the 20% statistic 

Establishing an online presence just makes it much easier for customers to easily find your brand. This is where getting traffic from press releases becomes useful. Because these days, people turn to the Internet when they are looking for a certain company or products. However, the harsh reality is that visitors only read 20% of the web page they are visiting. 

We know it’s disappointing to hear that your audience might not even finish the press release that your public relations and marketing team worked so hard for. But don’t worry because we will further explain this statistic and help you out in increasing traffic to your website. 

First things first— the culprit why users only read about 20% of the content on your page is scanning. This is primarily because of the fast-paced nature of the online world, where people are browsing web pages to look for quick answers. 

Let’s face it, you are probably guilty of this too. 

Now, let’s back this up with some hard facts. There are eye-tracking studies that found out that the majority of people consume online content in an F pattern. Imagine that when people open a web page, they naturally read through the first paragraph horizontally, and slightly further down that covers a shorter area than the first, then they will vertically scan the left side of the content for bits of information that are interesting and useful to them. 

Improving articles for scanners 

We cannot avoid readers like this but you can improve your content to please the scanners. When writing your next web page content, you might want to consider some of these helpful tips below:

  • Make use of lists

Having a bulleted list makes it easier for the reader to find what they need in a quick manner because they no longer have to read through an entire paragraph. 

  • Include a subheading where appropriate 

If your post is covering a lot of areas, it would be best to organize your content through subheadings. 

  • Avoid long paragraphs and use simple language

Your readers are inclined to scan already, so keep your paragraphs short and sweet. Avoid the fluff and be straight to the point. 

  • Prioritize important information

The way you write directs your reader. So, make sure to answer the questions who, what, when, where, how, and why at the early parts of your article. If you can include it in the beginning of your sentences and paragraphs, that would be best. 

Getting traffic from press releases

People go online to search for a specific piece of information. Hence, it is only natural for them to scan content for what they are looking for. If they don’t see it, they will go back to the search engine and try another link. 

This is your opportunity to make the most out of your content and getting traffic from press releases

In order for a press release to be effective, it must be able to reach a massive audience. Your press release must not only be powerful enough to attract journalists, but it must also be optimized for distribution. 

This is where the services of Brand Featured come in handy. Because of their wide network, the articles they write have the capacity to draw attention to over 100 authority new sites across their network. Not to mention that this also includes guaranteed publishing to affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today. 

Some of the websites that Brand Featured works with have over 10 million visitors per month.  Just imagine your business being able to maximize the same reach as these networks. 

This is what we mean when we talk about getting traffic from press releases.

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