How Getting ‘As Seen On’ Helped Ryen get into the “Six Figure Club”

Every startup owner knows the struggle of generating a consistent flow of sales in high-competition markets.

Ryen Toft is the owner of Simply Luxe, specializing in Home Organization.

Before Ryen discovered Brand Featured, the biggest challenge her company was facing was a lack of credibility. 

Because her business was just starting out, it was hard for the company to generate sales.

But all of this changed when she decided to seek the help of Brand Featured. “Brand Featured was a really cost-effective way of building the social proof we needed. The credibility we got from it is huge and something you really can’t put a price tag to.”

Ryen Toft, owner of Simply Luxe (closet shot)

The article Brand Featured wrote for Simply Luxe was picked up by hundreds of credible media outlets. This allowed Ryen to place ‘As Seen On’ logos on her website, which helped her business pull in over half a million in sales.

“Our clients told us that they were looking at other companies. But when they saw that we were published on Authority News Sites, that really gave them the confidence to book with us,” Ryen added. 

For Ryen and her team at Simply Luxe, working with Brand Featured was the right move at the right time. 

Ryen understood the power of displaying social proof on her website and marketing materials but as her business was starting out she was on a relatively low budget.

Working with Brand Featured allowed Simply Luxe to get a strong ‘credibility boost’ at for an affordable ‘pay-once-only’ cost.

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