How Marco Used Authority Sites to Grow His Startup To $40,000 In 72 hours

Launching a startup in a highly competitive industry is never easy. 

This was the challenge Marco Fazio faced as the founder of LITO a new, innovative foldable suitcase.

His goal? To bring the travel industry into the 21st century by reducing the waste created by the manufacture of suitcases.

Before Marco discovered Brand Featured, his biggest challenge was convincing people that his business was “legit”.

“It’s just something difficult to do, especially on crowdfunding campaigns. Because basically, you’re not anywhere on the web. If somebody is researching you, there are no reviews on your product. And it’s super important for people to trust you.”

“And that’s how Brand Featured helped me. It was a really, cost-effective way of building the social proof that you would have through normally very expensive PR activities.”

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Combatting Rising Ad Costs

Marco was also struggling with an increase in ad costs and found that adding ‘As Seen On’ logos to his website helped lower his costs.

“I bought Brand Featured right after the iOS 14 update. My cost per lead on Facebook ads was increasing a lot. So, I needed to find another way to improve trust in my visitors. That’s why I decided to find other ways and Brand Featured was a perfect solution.”

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What Changed After Purchasing Brand Featured?

“After adding the ‘As Seen On’ logos to our site, we experienced a lift in conversion rates.”

“At the same time, we had huge social proof that we could re-use for our email marketing activities, which obviously helped a lot.”


A Huge ‘Kickstarter’ Success

Launching a new business is always hard but, thanks in part to his collaboration with Brand Featured, Marco enjoyed quick success.

“We were funded on Kickstarter in just 15 minutes. And after 72 hours, we made roughly $40,000.”

revenue cost per month - LITO Travel

What Happened Next?

Marco’s business ended up generating over $100k from his Kickstarter campaign and delivered LITO CASEs across 30+ countries.

And after this huge success, LITO became an Official Partner of Lufthansa!

Finding The Right Social Proof for Your Business

We asked Marco if he had any advice for other entrepreneurs struggling to increase the credibility of their business.

“It’s difficult to trust all the services that are sold online because you never know if something is legit or not. At the same time, you need to think about what budget you have and how cost-effective Brand Featured could be for your business.”

“For us, Brand Featured was a really cost-effective way of building the social proof we needed.”

Working with Brand Featured allowed LITO to get an immediate ‘credibility boost’ at an affordable ‘pay-once-only’ cost.

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