How to use Brand Featured to improve you email marketing

Discover how to enhance your email marketing strategy with Brand Featured. Learn tips and tricks to increase engagement and conversions.

Every day, millions of emails are being sent out, competing for attention in a crowded inbox.

As a business, the oversaturation of marketing emails can make you question whether your email campaigns are worth the effort. It’s easy to turn to other marketing tactics and ditch email marketing altogether.

However, with the right approach and tools at your disposal, email marketing can still be an incredibly impactful way to drive conversions, build brand loyalty among customers, and increase ROI, especially when used in conjunction with brand features.

Why is email marketing still important?

Unlike traditional marketing methods with high costs but uncertain returns, email marketing is a cost-effective medium that allows businesses to target diverse groups of people in various markets quickly and efficiently.

In fact, email marketing can be even more effective than social media marketing in terms of conversion rates and lead generation. On average, email marketing has an ROI of $38 per dollar spent, with the possibility of earning more.

This is especially true when businesses publish press releases, share product updates, and offer exclusive deals and discounts through email newsletters.

Moreover, email marketing offers the promise of increasing brand loyalty. It allows for direct communication between businesses and customers, creating a sense of community that solidifies brand trust. 

The reason why many fail to see the benefits of email marketing is that they forget to focus on one essential aspect – their brand.

Most digital marketing campaigns are sent out as bulk emails with the same content rehashed repeatedly, causing potential customers to quickly lose interest and dismiss the email as spam.

No personality, connection, or brand value is conveyed in the email.

Incorporating published press releases in your email marketing campaigns can help differentiate your emails from the competition and increase engagement rates.

This is where Brand Featured comes in.

How can Brand Featured boost your email marketing strategy?

Brand Featured is a team of marketers and content writers who understand the value of trust, credibility, and brand personality in marketing success.

We can help you craft and publish press releases highlighting your brand’s unique voice and identity and integrate them into your email marketing campaigns.

It’s no secret that emails can sometimes get lost in the cluttered inboxes of consumers, but a well-written press release can add value to an email campaign by capturing the audience’s attention with relevant news and updates.

A published press release can significantly improve email marketing strategies by building brand awareness and providing valuable information to the audience. They are an effective way to engage with your customers and enhance your brand’s reputation.

Having major news outlets publish press releases about your company can establish its expertise and thought leadership in your respective industry, making you more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of your audience.

These news articles can also enhance the click-through rate on emails by directing readers to landing pages or websites where they can find additional content related to the news or updates mentioned in the published press release.

Companies that publish press releases and incorporate them into email marketing campaigns are more likely to increase conversion rates and revenue.

By partnering with Brand Featured, you are putting the power of a professional team behind your brand, increasing the chances of success by making your email campaigns stand out.

Our team of experienced writers can help craft and publish press releases that effectively support your email marketing strategies and maximize the impact of your campaigns.

Moreover, our network of over 100 authority news sites ensures your press release reaches the right audience for maximum exposure.

Incorporating press releases into email marketing strategies can be a game-changer, especially for SMBs, offering an innovative way to engage with clients and stand out amid a hypercompetitive business landscape.

When used correctly, this can be a powerful tool in driving customer engagement and generating leads, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

To further improve your email marketing strategies, here are some of the best practices we follow when creating content for our clients.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Email Marketing

Segment Your Audience: The traditional approach to email marketing targets a mass audience, meaning there is no consideration for individual preferences. By segmenting your audience based on factors like interests, location, and buying behavior, you can craft personalized content that is more relevant and appealing to them.

Provide Relevant Personalization: Personalizing your email by including the subscriber’s name has become standard practice. To take it a step further, you can use the data collected through segmentation to tailor and personalize your email content. Studies have shown that relevant personalization significantly increases engagement and conversion rates, so consider using dynamic content blocks and conditional statements to create a better experience for your subscribers.

Focus on Quality Content: In today’s world, consumers are presented with an incredible flood of digital content in their inboxes daily. To ensure that your email stands out from all the noise, focus on high-quality content that is informative and engaging. When you publish a press release or sales pitch in your email, try to frame it as significant and newsworthy information that will benefit your subscribers.

Use Effective Design Elements: The design of your email is just as crucial as the content it contains. Use visually stimulating design elements to capture the reader’s attention and make your message more attractive. Investing in professional design services can make a significant difference in how your email is perceived and increase engagement.

Use Referral Marketing: One of the most effective ways to expand your email list and increase engagement is referral marketing. By incentivizing your subscribers to refer friends and colleagues, you can quickly grow your list while establishing trust within your network. Brand Featured offers a referral program you can use to get started.


Email marketing is often an underutilized tool by marketers. But with the right approach, email marketing has the versatility to differentiate your brand from competitors and take it to its next level of growth.

Let Brand Featured revolutionize your email marketing strategy today. Learn more here:

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