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Press Releases: News or Blog Post?

Breaking down what exactly is a press release

With the variety of content that needs to be produced for brands these days, it can be confusing to distinguish what separates one from the other. 

Press releases, news articles, and blog posts are all written materials. How do these three differ from each other? We will be breaking down the types of press releases in this post. 

By definition

Let’s go back to the basics. In the communications industry, news is often referred to as any form of media that talks about current events. Its main purpose is to inform and educate the general public. You can see it in newspapers, magazines, or online news sites and even hear about it on the radio or view it on television. 

Blog posts, on the other hand, are articles exclusively made for online consumption. It is usually written in a more personal way and typically covers a specific topic. It is also informational and educational in nature, but it can also be interactive and have a comment section for its readers. 

Finally, a press release is a classic format to address the media. Think about short and sweet content that covers the latest facts and significant information about your brand. There are also different types of press releases, and it is up to the media to pick up on what you want to share with your current and prospective customers – it can either be in the form of news or a blog post. 

By purpose

We have already established that a press release is the stepping stone to getting your brand published in the news or as a blog post. Even though there are various types of press releases, the purpose remains the same and it is all about creating a buzz around a new product or service, general news, or even an upcoming event. 

While both news and blog posts are impactful marketing tools that can enhance your company’s success, it is best to know which is the right fit for your next content. 

Blog posts are usually posted on your own website and it tackles things related to your industry as a whole. As an example, if you’re a newly opened business, you can share your origin story as an inspiring blog post. When your brand releases a new product, you can create how-to articles to promote the item and encourage people to add it to their carts. 

The best thing about blog posts is that it is not time-sensitive. It’s the type of content that your brand can use to continuously attract potential customers. It must provide authentic and lasting value to your readers, reminding them to think of your business when they are on the lookout for a trusted resource for basic information, tips, and even perspective on trends. 

Remember, that blog posts serve as your company’s voice in the online world. The more engaging content you make, the people are more likely to show interest in your brand.  

Now, the news is perfect for angles like awards, promotions, financial reports, or new products, services, or locations. Unlike blogs, the news is less conversational and more factual. Answer the questions who, what, when, where, and how, and get your newsworthy ideas out there for more people to see. 

Business news should always be relevant and responsive to the present moment. For instance, if your brand is expanding to new locations, a news article would be fit for the purpose. Start it off with a catchy headline and provide the important details in the first one to two paragraphs and you are good to go. 

It can be quite confusing to remember the types of press releases but just remember the audience that you are writing for and take it from there. 

By similarities 

The one thing that news, blog posts, and press releases have in common is that it must all tell a fascinating story about your brand. When done right, this written content is powerful enough to increase your brand’s visibility in today’s digital age. 

So, whatever you choose to write for your next content, just make sure that it is attention-grabbing in all ways. After all, you can simply choose what types of press releases suit your brand’s needs. 

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