5 Ways to Use Social Media to Sell Your Products

Social selling is now a powerful tool to sell products on social media. Know more about this technique here. 

Across the globe, people are now more active on social media like never before. So, it is no brainer that more and more brands are taking the leap to sell products online. 

In this modern world, social selling (sometimes also referred to as virtual selling or digital selling) is the newest strategy for companies to improve the way they present their products and services, increase customer reach, and grow their respective revenue streams. 

With the option to sell products online, it can be challenging for brands to stand out in today’s saturated markets. To help you and your company get started on social selling, we are rounding up useful tips that you can refer to every now and then. 

What is Social Selling?

Let’s start with the basics. By definition, it is a lead-generation technique where sales people are in direct contact with their prospects on social media platforms. Since almost every industry has pivoted to the digital realm, building trust and establishing customer relationships are often done online. 

While it is a strategic method for companies to sell products online, it is also an effective way to connect and build relationships with prospects by maximizing social networks. It is safe to assume that advanced communication methods like this are slowly replacing older sales techniques like cold calling or printed advertisements. 

How to Use Social Media to Sell Products Online?

Now that we have established what social selling is, let’s dig deeper on how you and your brand can make better use of your online resources. 

1. Choose the right social selling platform 

The obvious first step in bringing your business to the virtual world is identifying which platform works best for your business. Every online platform available has their pros and cons. For instance, Facebook and Twitter can be considered as the mainstays in the online world. But if you want to be more strategic, Instagram and Tiktok are the best platforms to reach a younger demographic. If your brand is more suited for professionals, LinkedIn might be the right choice. 

Before you decide, do a quick research about your brand’s social media presence and track, listen, and engage with potential and existing customers. This way, you can create a more focused approach in your priority platforms. 

2. Use built-in tools to target potential customers

Aside from having the right platform, your brand will only be successful to sell products online if you are able to target your preferred customer base. Today, most social selling tools have built-in lead generation and statistical breakdowns. Take the time to understand these statistics and use it to your competitive advantage. 

3. Make the purchase process simple

You don’t need an overcomplicated social media strategy. Keep in mind that your main objective is to be able to sell products online. Do away with sales funnels that require several clicks and make it easier for your consumers to navigate from social networks to your landing pages. 

Be as straightforward as possible. 

4. Join the conversation 

Social selling relies heavily on making connections with your customers. What better way to do this than being part of different online conversations about your brands? You can easily do this through your social networks. 

As an example, if your brand runs an Instagram page, encourage your marketing team to reply to any suggestions or questions about your offerings. By doing so, you add value to a potential customer and he or she will definitely have you on their radar as a brand that cares. 

4. Expand online presence through third-party tools 

Remember that you do not have to be restricted to the social selling platform that you have chosen for your business. While certain social media platforms are capable of providing your analytics to leverage your brand, at the end of the day, your target of being able to sell products online steers more importance. 

To have a wider reach, it is smart to utilize online tools that are particularly effective in communicating with customers on a variety of platforms. Some examples are Salesforce, Hootsuite, and Amplify.

Social media has become an essential platform for businesses to connect with their customers and increase their revenue. One of the proven methods of selling on social media is through social proof. This concept involves leveraging the power of social validation to increase customer trust and ultimately drive more sales.

5. Sell on Social Media via Social Proof

Social proof can take many forms, such as customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials. By displaying positive feedback from satisfied customers, businesses can establish credibility and build trust with potential buyers. Social proof is particularly effective because people tend to trust the opinions of others, especially those who have had direct experience with a product or service.

Using social proof on social media can also increase conversions and profits. For example, an e-commerce store may use customer reviews and ratings to showcase their products’ quality and reliability. This can persuade potential buyers to make a purchase, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

Another way to leverage social proof is by getting published on reputable news sites such as NBC, CBS, Fox, and USA Today. Being featured on these trusted sources can instantly establish credibility and authority for a business. Displaying “As Seen On” or “As Featured On” logos on a website can be a powerful way to reinforce the trust and credibility that comes with this type of media coverage.

In addition to increasing customer trust and driving sales, social proof can also help businesses improve their overall online reputation. By actively seeking out and showcasing positive feedback from customers and reputable sources, businesses can build a strong brand image and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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