What is a Sponsored Content

Getting started with sponsored content? Know more about sponsored content before you publish a press release.

When you have a great story to tell about your company, publishing a press release or sponsored content gets your message across to a wide audience. For that, you need a press release distribution service. This service allows you to have your story drafted by a writer and sent out to networks by a media relations professional, enabling you to get the online presence you need for your business.

Today, there are several press release distribution services available for companies to choose from. Finding the right one depends on what you need and have. Below are the elements you need to know before choosing a press release distribution service that’s right for you.

  1. Ease of use. Press release distribution services have different ways of communicating with their clients. Some platforms are easy to use, allowing clients to just place in their email, while others have an interface that can make the process more organized. If you’re pressed for time, platforms with a simple interface are more convenient. However, sites with an interface that requires a lot of inputs can also be good.


  2. Writing and word count. Sometimes, a company already has a press release ready for distribution. Otherwise, they need someone to do the writing for them. Sponsored content distributors can publish press releases written by their editorial team or distribute company-written articles right away.

    Having the article done by the editorial team allows you to publish a press release according to the format required or preferred by the news networks, making the process easier. If you have an article ready for distribution but you’re not sure how the news networks will receive it, then look for a press release distribution company that can edit your written release and make it more publisher-friendly.

    Word count is the number of words your article should have. This is usually required by news networks to make published press releases simple, reader-friendly, and short. Press release distribution services differ in this requirement. Some require 200 to 400 words while there are others that can accommodate 600 to 700 words.

  3. SEO. Service providers can also insert search keywords in your articles for search engine optimization, allowing it to land on the higher spectrum of search engine results.
  4. Distribution network. Look for companies offering a wide distribution network. This allows your brand to be distributed to thousands of news media outlets, which means wider exposure. A strong distribution network also allows small business brands to reach mainstream media outlets, increasing their visibility.

  5. Multimedia attachments. Does your brand rely on creative photos? Is your company’s products colorful or out of this world? For brands with Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) anchored on photos or creative visuals, it is a must to get a press release distribution network that offers to include multimedia attachments.

  6. Reporting. Like any professional service you get, press release distribution channels offer detailed reports to see how many published press releases came out from your service provider. Some platforms give in-depth reports and track impressions, the number of online pick-ups, or audience reach.

  7. Small-business-friendly plan pricing. Depending on your budget, choose a distribution plan that’s got all you need. There are a lot of service providers today that offer friendly prices for small businesses. One of these is BrandFeatured.

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