Boost Your Marketing Strategy with Social Proof

Learn how social proof can help improve your marketing strategy. Increase brand credibility and customer trust with these tips and benefits. 

When there is a new product in the market, most people are often hesitant to try it out. They wait until other people make a purchase before they find the confidence to test the product themselves. This is exactly what social proof marketing is all about. 

If you want your brand to get the love and attention it deserves, social proof marketing is the way to go. 

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, social proof is basically the idea that customers adapt their behavior according to what other people are doing. 

For instance, imagine yourself strolling around the mall. When you see a line of customers waiting for a store to open, you are more likely to get curious and see what the fuss is about. It is the same situation when you see your favorite celebrity use a particular brand, you are more intrigued about the product. 

Leveraging situations like those stated above is social proof marketing in action. 

social proof marketing

So, how exactly can you and your business use social proof marketing to put your brand out there and convince people to try something new? 

In the eyes of the average consumer, social proof highlights everything good about your brand— why customers are raving about your product, what media outlets have to say, and how a celebrity or influencer came across this brand. 

Here are five social proof marketing strategies that you can incorporate in your marketing plan: 

1. User Testimonials 

Simply put, user testimonials are a vote of confidence in the product’s or service’s value. With an abundance of customer stories, you gain the opportunity to share how your customers relate to your brand. Whether it’s a star-based rating in an online shopping platform or a review on your business website, any positive user testimonial can speak volumes about your company. 

2. Celebrity or Influencer Promotions

This kind of social proof is quite tricky but when it comes to social media, the reign of celebrities and influencers remains unmatched. Just imagine the impact it can have on your brand if a celebrity or influencer endorses your product or service, especially if it’s a genuine post. 

One thing to note about this though is it can be pretty expensive. 

3. User-Generated Content

You know how you become more interested with a brand if you see your friend following it on social media or using it in the flesh? User-generated content works in a similar manner. 

All you have to do is ask permission from customers who shared posts that detail their experience with your products on their personal accounts and you already have your social proof marketing material. Since this is not in any way sponsored, it makes your brand more authentic and trustworthy. 

4. Hashtag Campaigns

This is another strategic way to gain bona fide social proof for your brand. Start an online hashtag campaign and encourage your customers to share their moments with your brand. You do not only have social proof right at your fingertips, but you can also easily track everything under a single hashtag. 

5. Earned Media 

People trust the press more than everyone else and if your brand is seen on trusted media outlets, this kind of social proof marketing has the power to convince other potential customers to trust your business. 

as seen on fox news

Nothing establishes authority the way earned media does. If your business has any positive reporting, it can help build your brand reputation. More and more consumers will see your brand in a positive light because there is social proof that your business is worth paying attention to. 

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