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David Tile


Strong reco...

I used Brand Featured to push out a press release on my firm, And they were absolutely fantastic to work with. The team was smart and adaptable. They completed the work on time and to my satisfaction. Will definitely be using again.

Charles McDowell IV


Fantastic turnaround and great results

Fast turnaround and great results. Will definitely be using them again.

Javier Lorie



Fantastic, fast, and convenient service, my brand got featured in 100+ sites in a few days. HIGHLY recommended!!

Paul Kidis


Highly recommend Brandfeatured

Highly recommend the team at Brandfeatured, they do a great job and they have a great process as well. Our articles got shared in a big way. Thanks

Matt Skelcher


Jef and his team did an awesome job

Jef and his team did an awesome job! The press release was perfect, and we were all amazed at how quickly everything was handled. For the price, this is a no brainer!

Matt Quirk


So much value!!

Amazed by the value you get with this team and service! I highly recommend Brand Feature to help build exposure for your business and increase sales.

Elite Event Creator


Great PR and great customer service

Great PR and great customer service, would definitely recommend them! I took my time to compare their service, and realized that by far they seemed the most professional, and I wasn't wrong. Loved working with them and can definitely recommend them.

Danny Simcox


Absolutely excellent service

Absolutely excellent service. From an SEO stand point, being featured on these sites is worth so much more than what it cost me. I will definitely use again for other projects, highly recommended.

David Nguyen


I had no idea what to expect when I…

I had no idea what to expect when I first signed up. Let me tell you this... the team over exceeded my expectations. The onboarding process was really simple, and I got my first article in under a week ready to go live! Amazing results with leads that are sold before talking to me! Working with them has been a pleasure. 5 stars

Eugene White


Pretty good

We ended up getting published to a lot more sites than I expected so it was definitely worth the money.

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