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Increase your brand visibility through press release distribution

Businesses do not become famous overnight. It takes a clever marketing plan to improve brand recognition and reputation while ensuring that trust is built with the target audience. 

To become a household name in any industry, gaining maximum media exposure is important and you can use press releases to work to your advantage. 

Who cares about a press release? 

Your business can thrive in its respective industry just because of a powerful press release. 

The main goal of a press release is to pique the interest of the general public. Is your company expanding to another location? Or is there a new product that you are about to launch? Did your company just receive a special recognition? These kinds of announcements and more are worthy enough for a press release. 

If it is intriguing, newsworthy, and unique, your audience will pay attention. 

Because of the affordability, wide reach, and value of press releases, it has helped improve the recognition and image of businesses across the globe. An effective press release pushes positive stories  about your company at the speed of a click. 

While it is the most commonly used public relations tool in marketing campaigns, not every company does it right. In order to maximize its advantages, we recommend trusting your brand in the hands of experts like Brand Featured. 

Why work with Brand Featured?

Press release distribution services such as Brand Featured make sure that press releases go to the right people, whether that be a national media company, a trusted journalist, or simply syndicating the piece to different media sites. It is all about making sure that your company’s voice is heard. 

The Brand Featured team has done all the work so you no longer have to. 

Every article done by Brand Featured will surely draw attention to over 100 authority new sites across their network. This includes guaranteed publishing to affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today. 

Getting featured in these major new outlets is possible – and it is a quick, easy, and surefire way to boost conversions. Some of the websites that Brand Featured works with have over 10 million visitors per month.  Imagine your business being able to maximize the same reach as these networks. 

What are the benefits of getting featured? 

Attention builds brands. 

Having articles that are shared on trusted authorities like NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today is a massive social proof for people to trust your brand. It is likely that people will engage more with your business because they trust the network that you have been affiliated with. 

Of course, the team at Brand Featured knows how important it is to leverage online platforms. This is why every article has links sending people back to your website. With the typical over 100 visits to the article and 1000+ over time, you can enjoy free traffic to your website that can boost more sales. 

Previous clients of Brand Featured have nothing but praise for their press release distribution service. For instance, Charles Travers of FineTune Digital commended the fast and easy results of his collaboration with Brand Featured. Another satisfied customer, Paul Kidis of WP Ezi experienced the same and he shared, “I got an easy 10% boost in conversions at least in sales. Very clean process and it was awesome to see our service published on hundreds of news sites all at once.” 

Brand Featured works with everyone. From e-commerce stores, tech companies, artists, influencers, freelancers, coaches, information products, and service businesses, they will make sure that your brand gains the recognition it deserves. 

By working with passionate writers and marketers who share the same vision with you and your business, Brand Featured is the best press release distribution service that you can ever work with. 

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